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Colored Arabic English French Turkish and Russian Verb Conjugator


Offline Colored Arabic English French Turkish and Russian Verb Conjugator
Offline Colored Arabic morphological analyzer with arabic english dictionary

If you need to learn Arabic or you need to search the quranic words or verset, Assiraj tool is your partner.
The tool is designed for students and teachers and searcher.

Assiraj app is a revolution because it works without internet connection, and it support infinite of verbs. With the 5 qurans calligraphics typing: othmani+color and Imla’i+color, tajweed , Assiraj app will help the learner. Assiraj will also support the quran erab, and will color the arabic words switch the erab, this new function is the fisrt for the editable words. we made a big effort to bypass the browser limitations. Assiraj provided a complexe algorithm to save memory and data size. we offer a software zipped < 10 Megabyte designed by data processing expert and packaged to work offline.

Assiraj offer:
– Triliteral with all possible conjugation
– Quadriliteral conjugation
– Active and Passive voices
– Perfect, Imperfect tenses
– Indicative, Subjunctive, Jussive and Imperative moods
– connected object + connected subject conjugation, (first arabic engine wich offer this feature).
– Koranic erab
– Quran explorer
– Quran serach
– Quran tajweed
– Colored Quran
– Quran Tafsir
– Quran: The word by word grammar
– Quran: The word by word meanings
– Quran: The word by word Subject classification
– Colored Quran Explorer by root or subject or unordered words or morphological form
– Quran: Root alias meanings
– Quran: Colored letter by letter respecting the grammar
– Linguistic tool: which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran.

conjugaison des verbes arabes
صرف افعال عربی
Arap fiillerin çekimleri
спряжение глаголов Арабские
konjugasi kata kerja Arab
coniugazione dei verbi arabo

Colored Arabic verb conjugation
Colored English verb conjugation
Colored Turkish verb conjugation
Colored French verb conjugation
Colored Russian verb conjugation

Side by Side English/Arabic Conjugation
Side by Side Turkish/Arabic Conjugation
Side by Side French/Arabic Conjugation

محلّل صرفي عربي
Colored Arabic morphological analyzer